Massage and Spa Services

Massage Therapy

All massage is a wellness approach to better physical and mental health by reducing stress, improving circulation, easing pain and inducing relaxation.

To achieve optimal benefit from your spa experience, it is neccessary for you to completely relax and forget about the worries of the outside world.
To promote this “relaxing getaway” atmosphere, we ask our clients, visitors and staff to follow these simple Spa Etiquette guidelines.

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For a description, place cursor over the massage or spa treatment of your choice.

30 minute minimum.

Classic Swedish Massage-$40, $70, $90
Deep Tissue Massage-$40, $70, $90
Hot Stone Massage – $80, $100
Pre-Natal Massage-$45, $75
Couples Massage-$150
Clinical Facials $70+

Waxing services available.

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All of our massage therapists are very caring and skilled at relaxation and therapeutic massage.

You decide the amount of time and the type of massage that is best.

We can customize the massage, the aromatherapy and the music for your total relaxation experience.

Lay down in one of our calm, quiet massage rooms.


Let our Certified Professional PA licensed Massage Therapists help you escape your stress and tension with a custom massage catered to your needs. They can develop a therapy program to fit your life style. They can help you get into a routine of relaxation and healing.

Spa Delights

Ionic Detox Footbath – One time – $25
Package of 5 Ionic Detox Footbaths – $100